The fundamental value of biblical teaching and preaching for the well-being of the church cannot be overstated. When looking at the history of the church, it is clear that teaching and preaching played a primary role in its growth and effectiveness. The Czech Reformation itself was started by a movement of men calling for others to preach the truth. Jan Milíč, Jan Hus,and others embraced the importance of teaching and preaching and labored earnestly not only to exhort their people through preaching, but also to prepare other men for the task of teaching and preaching. We too view teaching and preaching with the same importance as our forefathers, and so it is our aim to train men to exposit God’s Word.

This program is designed for graduates of the Bible Survey Program or a similar program. It is designed for men who desire to grow in their understanding of God’s Word and to minister it to others. This program will benefit those who desire to lead a Bible study, lead a youth group, or preach from the pulpit.

The program is divided into two part – year one and year two.

Interpreting and Preaching the Bible 1

The school year is made up of 10 months in which students come once a month for a weekend of intensive study (from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon). During this year there will also be an additional seminar for the student to attend.

The courses for this program are:

  •     – Principles of Interpretation 1
  •     – Pastoral and Practical Theology 1
  •     – Expository Preaching 1
  •     – Homiletics 1

The seminars for this program are:

  •     – Church History
  •     – Pastorální konference